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4 Tips to Buy a Fanny Pack

Any backpack or shoulder bags that aren’t ergonomically designed are certain to be the cause of strain on spine which is also the reason why medical professionals suggest to utilize fanny packs especially on those who are suffering from back problems. As a matter of fact, these packs found on the lower part of lumbar area which prevents stress and strains on back muscles.

While there are so many brands and known companies in the market, it may sometimes cause confusion on what to buy. To avoid dealing with such problem, here are tips that you can do in buying the right fanny pack.

Tip number 1. Know the different kinds of fanny packs – since the time that fanny pack was introduced, there’s just one design that is basic, one pocket and only handful of variations. In this modern time, these fanny packs were given with a whole new purpose and can be purchased for different applications.

The travel fanny pack is a classic design that features a wide strap that can wrap and buckle around the small pouch and waist which sits below the belly. This pack allows the user to freely move and have easy access to necessities.

There is also the lumber fanny pack that is quite popular among campers and hikers. These lumbar fanny packs have a similar design such as backpacks like compression straps to give it a snuggly and comfortable fit. There are cases that it is included with bigger backpacks and is ideal for day hikes in bringing essentials similar to extra layers of clothing, snacks, water etc.

Tip number 2. Picking the right size – for any buyer, they must know the number of items that they are going to carry. If the fanny pack is too big, it might be inconvenient to bring and if it’s too small, it might not have adequate space to hold the accessories and essentials.

Tip number 3. Look for multiple pockets – among the best features is many pockets that come in a single pouch. This allows users to prevent disorganization of their stuff. For a basic fanny pack, it ought to have a compartment large enough in storing big items similar to smart phones, MP3, digital camera and so on.

Tip number 4. Consider money belt or day pack when needed – for those who wish to secure their passports or money or carrying lots of items, then perhaps other bags may be more appropriate. This fanny pack is kept inside your clothing which hides it from burglar’s eyes.

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